As we get older I think we all lose the ability to be creative and imaginative, and reading The Power Vested In Me has reignited my childhood imagination and thoughts. It is an ingenious read and I recommend it to children of all ages and adults. J Edwards

AJK - Thanks. I am pleasantly surprised at how many adults have enjoyed the book.

An amazing read, though so many questions....!! My biggest one is: Q. Are any links to David Bowie? I'm a huge fan and wondered whether you could confirm my sneaking suspicions? Many thanks in advance, N O'Brien

AJK - Thanks. I am a David Bowie fan too and there are some links/.tributes to Bowie. The group are called 'stardust' like Ziggy Stardust, Major Thomas name links to Major Tom. And Starkey is the ultimate Starman. I can't say the stars link to his last album as it the book was published before he passed. Maybe a psychic link!


If you could make any chapter in your book real would you do it? S Taylor

AJK - I would make the introduction real. Because I know who Starkey is.

I find this book really really really interesting!!! I can't believe you wrote this book yourself because if you didn't see who the author is you would think it is someone like Christopher green or something. I think your a really good author and I really do hope you make another one!!y, Finlay

AJK - Thanks Finlay. I'm hoping Book 2 will be ready by the end of the year. I'm writing it at the moment and in discussions with Toby (the illustrator) about the cover.

Can't wait to get home to read this because the book is full of mystery. Oliver

AJK - Thanks Oliver. I'm glad you like mystery - I do too .


The book is fantastic, I bet the research gone into this was in depth . Can't wait for book two L Rees.


 AJK -Thanks

When you first thought of writing your book, what came to you first, the story, the children or Starkey - and have you had to change anything as the story progressed? L Weaver

AJK - The outline of the story came first. I changed it several times as I went along, most noticeably the introduction of 'Terry' as I wanted Zak to have a personal consequence to his action.

Amazing! The characters seem so real and the level of detail is something else. There is something for all ages and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in book 2!! NGD

AJK -Thanks

What was your favourite period of history that they went back to? Jack

AJK - 1866 because they met H.G. Wells (the father of time travel)


I thought my kids and I were done with tales of fantasy and adventure after I had tried and failed to find a story as captivating as the Harry Potter series. That is, until I came across The Power Vested in Me – The Gatherers!
This novel is a spectacular example of the genre and had me thrilled and on the edge of my seat from the very first page! The five youngsters (who are the protagonists of the story) are fully fleshed out characters who each, in their own right, appeal to all of the sensibilities in me and the mystery that revolves around them is a page turner, to say the least.
The story keeps you guessing; who is the mysterious white-haired man and what is his motive? Why does he enchant the babies, and why specifically them?
It feels like the author is just about to reveal everything and answer all my questions when the teenagers begin to dive into the world of magic and adventure, but then the mystery just gets deeper when they begin learning about their powers. So many more questions! The mystery just keeps piling up, and I must say I absolutely loved every bit of it.
It’s not all mystery though, this is an adventure story that rivals Harry Potter and Artemis Fowl (Did anyone else read Artemis Fowl?). The adventure is a mile-a-minute page turner as the kids go on adventures for the old man, he sends them out on quests to find items he needs and these quests, which contain mysteries of their own, prove to be a story of adventure that my kids and I will never forget!
Danger, excitement, a few laughs, lots of mystery and time-travel (and all its quirks!) make these kids bond with one another and I found myself becoming enamoured with them. The element of magic, although a great piece of the story, takes a back-seat as these kids find out more about themselves on these adventures. I love that there was an amazing balance between all of the elements that drew me to this book: magic, adventure, self-discovery, mystery and just enough science to make it believable.
I simply cannot wait to see how these characters develop through the next books in the series and I have far too many questions that need answering to wait any longer!  -Memz

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