Inspiration  Gallery

Here are some of the locations that have inspired when I have been writing the fictional places in the Land of Nod that are featured in Book 2.
  1. Author in front of the 'Land of Nod'
    Author in front of the 'Land of Nod'
    This is me on a balcony over looking St Michael's Mount the real life inspiration for the Land of Nod.I was struggling with what to base it on then driving through Cornwall I saw it like a magical castle that had popped out of the sea. Visiting inspired me even more. (October 2016)
  2. The City of Gem
    The City of Gem
    The coastal resort of Portmeirion in North Wales was the inspiration for the City of Gem (October 2015)
  3. More images for Gem
    More images for Gem
    Portmeirion is a wonderful place the TV series Prisoner and the Dr Who episode The Masque of Mandragora were filmed here, so very unique and inspirational.
  4. The Celebrants house
    The Celebrants house
    This was the complete inspiration for the Celebrants house in the City of Gem
  5. Leona
    The sand tunnels that lead the Stardust out of King Leo's city of Leona were inspired by the sand tunnels in Ilfracombe (May 2016)
  6. King Leo's private beach
    King Leo's private beach
    This was one of the private beaches at the otherside of the sand tunnels
  7. Crabtree
    Burton on the water was the inspiration for Crabtree - they call it little Venice. When I visited I was on a strict diet so couldn't try the jam and cream scones (and desperately wanted too), so when I wrote the story I decided Zak would suffer a similar fate. (August 2015)
  8. Fishgate
    In Pisces, the inspiration for Fishgate came from a visit to Charlestown in Cornwall, fittingly for the story, it even had a shipwreck centre . I didn't know at the time but it has been the location for film & TV programmes including Moll Flanders, The Eagle has landed, Poldark and Taboo (August 2014)